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Yoga in Tyrol

actively relaxing at the Sports Hotel Kaysers****

„Find your inner peace, and your life finds order“. That, what the mind is seeking and what nourishes the soul. Time gives and space offers. – All this becomes tangible, when our trainer guide you to actively relax. As the 4-Star Sport Hotel in Tyrol we are surrounded by a healthy nature and the powerful aura of the Alps. Feel this extraordinary, strong energy in every exercise. Breathe in the clear mountain air. And draw strength from the stunning beauty of the picturesque mountainous surroundings.

Relax Holiday in the Alps

They reflect an incomparable security: Tyrol’s mountains are an energy spot, created by nature. In order to make use of these unique prerequisites, we invite you to a Relax holiday, to experience the essence of finding peace.

By attending Pilates courses, Yoga units, Asanas, and meditative elements you are put on the path to find a new alignment and strength.

Be touched by the ambience of our 4-Star-Natural-Hideaways and the regenerating and re-building exercises.

Your Relaxation Programme at the Sports Hotel Kaysers****

  • Active awakening, Meridian gymnastics or Water gymnastics
  • Pilates-Back Supporting course: gentle fitness for your back 
  • Relaxation gymnastics
  • Guided Tours 
  • Nordic-walking circular tours starting directly from the Hotel 
  • Short circular walking tours through the larch forest 

Yoga is a holistic oriented program of physical and mental exercises, therefore, with Yoga will be  achieved  both positive health, and psycho-mental effects.

Pilates: with Pilates exercises  body and mind will activate equal. Because they combine coordination and breathing techniques with stretching and strengthening exercises.

Aqua aerobics is a mix of health-activae therapy and movement in the water. Their advantage is not only the refreshing water in which to move, but above all, the protection of the joints and the spine, without losing the training success. Moreover gymnastics  in the water has the effect ro form the body contours perfectly!

Theraband: exercises with the Thera-Band, you can perform anywhere. By this training the whole body is strengthened, but you can also specifically strengthen individual parts such as the back, shoulders, chest or abdominal muscles. Training with the elastic band is simple to carry out and therefore suitable for young and old .

Stretch & Relax: No matter how you have trained your body, Stretch & Relax is the perfect way to stretch properly after exercise and relax. Stretching involves targeted stretching of muscles, stretching the joints and stretching the spine. By stretching techniques have been introduced in the sport, on the one hand increase the performance in many sports, reduce the risk of injury and associated promote mobility and general well-being and thus the recovery and regeneration.

Qi Gong is a simple intense way to experience body and mind! Through patient Qi Gong movements the quality comes from your inside, and you can clearly feel the beneficial effects.

Fascial Fitness: Lasting hardening and shortening of fascia reduce the range of motion of muscles and joints - are often pain result. Therefore fascial fitness is practiced very often as supplement for strength and endurance training. With the Blackroll massage rollers or -balls you can perform the technique of myofascial relaxation without much effort, but very effective self. Discover the soothing effect of self-massage and roll free!

Smovey Training: The Smoveys are two ribbed plastic tubes with four freewheeling steel balls. These provide a vibrating effect, which goes into the deep muscles, promotes fat burning and also to relieve tension. Due to its versatility, the Smovey training for virtually every age and target group offers.

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Enjoy summer 4=3

Enjoy summer 4=3

4 nights from EUR 316,00 per person
Stay 4 nights, pay for only 3! And experience sheer joie de vivre into the bargain, surrounded by a glorious natural landscape and savour the special ambience at Kaysers Tirolresort.