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Enjoy Massages in Tyrol

Your Wellness Holiday in Mieming

Touched by all Senses.

Harmony between both hands. Be enchanted by the scent of the massage essences. Close your eyes. And feel, how tranquility permeates you touch by touch. Breathe in deeply. Open yourself up to relaxation and a new vitality and rest completely in the security of this moment. 

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Massages - Natural Wellness

We love what we do. Everything is unique! Our massage products offer the highest quality, naturalness and purity. Who already knows our massages will feel the difference and the effect.

Full Body massage

50 min | EUR 62,-
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The entire body is massaged with various massage techniques. The muscle is gently loosened, increased blood flow. The harmonious interplay of painting and kneading releases tension in the body and increases your well-being.

50 min. - € 62,-
in twos - side by side - partner massage € 120,- 70 min. - € 86,-
in twos - side by side - partner massage € 168,-

Back Massage

25 min | EUR 39,-
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The back is loosened up and relaxed with special grips, the circulation in the muscles is stimulated. Enjoy an agreeable back massage with a well-balanced pressure. 25 min. - € 39,- in twos - side by side - partner massage € 74,- 40 min. - € 59,-in twos - side by side - partner massage € 114,-

Relaxing Massage with Marmut Oil

50 min | EUR 65,-
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The marmut oil warms, loosens up and relaxes your musculoskeletal system and is particularly soothing. The massage acts on the back, legs and arms deeply penetrating and loosens tight muscles and soothes pains in the joints.

Sports Massage with Arnica

50 min | EUR 67,-
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A vigorous body massage with arnica regenerates and revives your body and senses. This alpine massage is not only soothing to your soul but also offers new energy to your tired joints and muscles. A true fountain of youth, spending new energy. 50 min. – € 67,-in twos - side by side - partner massage € 130,-

Kaysers Massage - unmistakeable

50 min | EUR 69,-
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Who does not know it, the warm, sweet smell of honey? Treat yourself to something special and feel it. An agreeable and soothing body-wellness massage with honey oil from Tyrol, which has a calming and soothing effect. 50 min. - € 69,-
in twos - side by side - partner massage € 134,-

Massages and more...

There are a lot of good reasons to put on nature for 100 %. The small plants and their great effect!

Face and head massage

duration of treatment | 25 min | 32,-
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The everyday life that is written in your face is just strip. Leaving the world behind and refreshing the charisma and energy at the same time. The facial & head massage is exactly the right application and gives you a radiant smile.

Back intensively - Resonance Massage

50 | EUR 68,00
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... the demanding back program. Potency natural products and a special kind of massage with hot roll, glass cups and bowls relieve tension in the back muscles and improve the dynamics of the spine. Body & Soul, harmoniously in line. Vibrations increase the metabolic function. Experience total relaxation and well-being for the stressed back. 50 min. - € 69,-in twos - side by side - partner massage € 134,-

Body treatment with warm stones & deep relaxation

75 min | EUR 92,-
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The gentle massage from head to toe exudes calm and serenity, the rhythm of the movement and the power of the stones give you total relaxation. warm stones are placed and also used the massage on your body. You will experience a deep relaxation, a new sense of balance and inner peace. Your tensions are loosened and degraded pent stress. Experience harmony after periods of great physical or emotional stress, in phases of new beginnings and the inner silence.

75 min. - € 92,-
in twos - side by side - partner massage € 180,-

For more balance

50 min | EUR 59,-
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Wellbeing & relaxing. Because of the effect of scents in conjunction with the gentle whole body massage and soothing, stroking movements is degraded blocked energy and tension dissolved. For a soothing relaxation for body, mind & skin. Let yourself be guided to a new sense of balance and inner peace.

50 min. - € 59,-
in twos - side by side - partner massage € 114,-

The Soapy Foam Massage

25 min | EUR 38,-
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Experience a different kind of massage! During this wet massage with cleansing effect, you are lying on a heated Hamam ceramic bed and are massaged with scented soapy foam by using a sisal sponge. To finish it off, your body is washed and is treated gently with oil. This special relaxation is ideally experienced in between the sauna sessions.

In Harmony from head to toe

70 min | EUR 89,-
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Moments of relaxation, indulgence and well-being. This massage with warm aromatic oil harmonises and soothes. Enjoy this body massage, followed by a face- and head massage.

70 min. - € 89,-
in twos - side by side - partner massage € 174,-

Good for your feet

40 min | EUR 52,-
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Starts with the feet and benefits the whole body. Loosened up, stretched, and moved. Especially with stress, tensed up muscles, and nervous stress. By applying a gentle pressure and stretching movements, the foot- and leg massage will relax the body parts that are stressed most of all: your feet.

40 min. - € 52,-
in twos - side by side - partner massage € 100,-

Neck- and Shoulder Massage with a Heated Cushion

40 min | EUR 54,-
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A neck massage will stretch and loosen up your muscles in the area of the shoulders and the neck. In this way your tensed up muscles and energy blockages will be loosened in the best way possible. You will feel free and relaxed after a resting phase with a soothing heated cushion.

40 min. - € 54,-

in twos - side by side - partner massage € 104,-


40 min | EUR 68,-
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The Breuss massage is a gentle and energetic treatment for the back, focussing on the spine. This massage serves to relax the back muscles, strengthens and relieves the intervertebral discs. The spine is gently expanded, stretched and St. John’s Wort is rubbed in. St. John’s Wort acts anti-inflammatory and soothes pains.

40 min. - € 68,-
in twos - side by side - partner massage € 132,-
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Enjoy summer 4=3

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