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Your Beauty Holiday in Tyrol

at the Wellness Hotel Kaysers**** in Mieming

Beauty as impressive as the Natural Setting all around

Gently awakened, your beautiful radiance will become particularly apparent. Our Beauty Team will pamper your skin and senses with gentle massages and the most selected substances. Let yourself in for a very special and exclusive experience.

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SOTHYS - Beauty treatments

The result has something to show for. Experience the unique French care with sensual recipes - it guarantees beauty from top to toe, with special massage techniques.

Intensive Special Moisturising Treatment

80 min | EUR 95,-
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A feeling of instant freshness. This treatment supplies your skin intensively with moisture to leave a feeling of absolute comfort. The skin is vitalised and tender as silk. Gentle cleansing, peeling mask with penetrating effect, eyebrow correction, Hydra-compress with a pressure point massage, relaxing massage of the face, neck, décolleté, Hydra-special mask and final care.

Intensive-Anti-Aging-Special Treatment with Collagen and Moisture

80 min | EUR 105,-
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Intensive anti-ageing treatment with a special massage. Perfect for preventing lines and against deteriorating elasticity of the skin, as well as for improving the vitality and radiance - Feel the immediately visible result. Discover the effective alternative to beauty surgery and injections to enhance the tissue volume.  Gentle cleansing. Peeling mask: Mineral derm abrasion, eyebrow correction, Hyaluron-booster and Elastin-tightener with a pinching massage, relaxing massage of the face, neck and décolleté, collage-lifting-special mask and final care.

SOTHYS Gourmet - Treatment

55 min | EUR 75,-
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Each year sees a new world of colours and scents. This “Gourmet Treatment“ with valuable plant-based ingredients is suitable for any type of skin, counteracts the demands the skin is exposed to during the various seasons due to cold temperatures, heat, dry air, sun etc. Your skin is optimally cared for and protected, feels smooth and fresh. Gentle cleansing, peeling mask with good penetration, eyebrow correction, short massage of face, neck and décolleté, special seasonal mask and final care.

Facial Treatment for Men

55 min | EUR 75,-
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This anti-stress- and relaxation treatment represents the optimal relaxation for the well-groomed man. Penetrating cleansing with peeling mask, revitalising head massage, eyebrow correction, care serum, relaxing massage of the face, neck and décolleté, special duo mask and final care.

Extras for beautiful Moments

Dye your Eyelashs | EUR 15,-
Dye your eyebrowns | EUR 15,-
Dye your eyebrowns & eyelashs | EUR 22,-
Trim your eyebrowns | EUR 9,-
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SOTHYS Aroma - Treatments

...the best that can happen to you. Body treatments by Sothys invite you to a journey of discoveries: indulge in five alluring unique scents. The personalised care rituals promise a fantastic relaxation and well-being for all senses. 

Lemon & Bitter Orange / Vanilla & Sandalwood / Orange Flower & Cedar Wood / Cherry Blossom & Lotus / Cinnamon & Ginger Aroma Treatment

Aroma - Körperpackung

50 min | EUR 69,-
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Die Aroma-Ganzkörperbehandlung besteht aus Peeling, Körperpackung und Massage mit wertvollen pflanzlichen Wirkstoffen. Erleben Sie ein erfrischendes und belebendes Körpergefühl voller Wohlbefinden. Eine Aroma-Behandlung für alle Hauttypen, welche die Haut mit Nährstoffen versorgt und ihre Geschmeidigkeit und Zartheit verleiht. 


50 min | EUR 75,-
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Peeling & Massage. The intensive sugar-salt peeling produces an even, tender skin. Experience a soothing and relaxing massage with heated products, which helps you to switch off and gather new strength.

Aroma Peeling

25 min | EUR 38,-
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An aromatic, intense body peeling with sugar and salt for a wonderfully soft and slightly scented skin. 


50 min | EUR 57,-
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A soothing scented massage experience provides you with a smooth, slightly scented skin and an unforgettable wellness experience.

Cherry Blossoms in Fog

70 min | EUR 85,-
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Hanakasumi. A soothing, regenerating body treatment, inspired by the Japanese bathing ceremony. You will be spoiled with a special peeling, an energetic foot massage as well as a relaxing body massage. We take you away to the land of the cherry blossom.

Oriental Ceremony

70 min | EUR 92,-
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A wellness experience with an exotically scented body peeling, as well as a body massage with aromatic stamps, which are soaked in a mixture of heated oil and spices. Experience a true journey of the senses.

alessandro - Hand and foot care

Natural protection and care for beautiful nails. Enjoy a wonderful nail treatment with soothing essential oils, natural agents, vitamins and exclusive herbal extracts. Aromas from honeymilk, marzipan and exotic fruits make your manicure / pedicure a sensual pleasure.

Wellness with Alessandro for Hands & Feet.


50 min | EUR 45,-
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without nail varnish
bathing-peeling-shaping-polishing-short hand massage-care


50 min | EUR 49,-
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without nail varnish
bathing-peeling-shaping-polishing-short foot massage-care

Self-warming paraffin compress

Aufpreis für Paraffin Fußpackung | + 15 min | EUR 14,-
Aufpreis für Paraffin Handpackung | + 15 min | EUR 14,-
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Special care for extremely dry and stressed skin.