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Hotel Lasinga

Happy time off

4 days of pure pleasure, experiencing nature - wellness included!
from EUR 319,-


3 Nights including
Gourmet Board and

Tennis training in the hall
from EUR 315,-

Weekend Special

2 Out-of-this-world overnight stays to regain your energy.
from EUR 170,-

Spring-Special 4=3

4 joyful days with Wellness, Gourmet and much movement
from € 276,-

Alpienne - Massages

Back massage with alpine herb massage milk

Your back is loosened up and relaxed with special massage movements, the blood-flow in your muscles is stimulated. Enjoy a pleasant back massage with good pressure.
Treatment duration 25 min EUR 43,-

Relaxation massage with marmot oil

The marmot oil warms, loosens up and relaxes your musculoskeletal system and makes you feel good. The massage of back, legs and arms is deep-acting, loosens tenseness and relieves joint pain.
Treatment duration 50 min EUR 67,-

Sports massage with arnica massage milk

A vigorous full body massage with arnica regenerates and revitalises your body and senses. This alpine massage is not only balm for the soul but it gives tired joints and muscles new fitness. A true source of new energy.
Treatment duration 50 min EUR 67,-

Sports energy massage with arnica massage milk

Have you been doing sports or were you out and about all day? This uses a lot of your body’s strength and energy. Treat yourself to this invigorating and vitalising combination massage of back and legs. It guarantees maximum relaxation of those parts of your body which you have been using most.
Treatment duration 40 min EUR 57,-

Back massage with St. John’s wort oil

With the energy of the sun. The use of St. John’s wort has had a long tradition in the mountains. It is a balm for the skin and the nerves, helps with exhaustion, sleeplessness but also with sunburn. Nerves and muscles benefit from the powerful active ingredients of St. John’s wort. The pleasant back massage improves your circulation, is a source of energy and has a regenerating effect.
Treatment duration 25 min EUR 43,-

Massage enjoyment for two

You will be massaged simultaneously in one room. Enjoy this private massage experience with all Alpienne massages
Reduction of treatment price per person EUR 2,-

Lucky choices - Our massage offers

The lather massage

Experience a different kind of massage! During this wet massage with a cleaning effect you are lying on a heated ceramic couch and are being massaged with a fragrant lather and a sisal nest. This is rounded off with a body wash and a gentle oil rub.
This special relaxation experience is ideal between visits to the sauna.
Treatment duration 25 min EUR 38,-

In harmony from head to toe

Relaxation – enjoyment and moments of well-being. This relaxing massage is performed with warm aromatic oil. Leave everyday life behind – gentle massage movements make you feel good. You will enjoy this full body massage with face and head massage in calm and harmony.
Treatment duration 50 min EUR 66,-

Aromatic oil massage

Feel good and enjoy. The effect of the fragrances in connection with the gentle full body massage and calming, stroking movements helps release blocked energy and dissipate tension. For a soothing relaxation of body, spirit & skin. Allow yourself be led to a new feeling of equanimity and inner tranquillity.
Treatment duration 50 min EUR 57,-

Back to balance

You will experience a pleasant and vitalising massage, performed on the whole body. Undulation and rocking motion as well as stretching will balance your body, spirit and soul. The massage has a balancing, relaxing and restful effect from head to toe.
Treatment duration 70 min EUR 86,-

Pampered with warm stones

This gentle massage from head to toe radiates calm and tranquillity, the rhythm of the movements and the power of the stones give you total relaxation. Warm stones are positioned on your body and are also used for the massage. You will experience a deep relaxation, a new feeling of tranquillity and inner calm. Your tensions will be dissipated and built-up stress released.
Treatment duration 75 min EUR 88,-

Soles & feet under gentle pressure

Applied to the feet, it benefits the whole body. Relaxed, stretched and moved. Particularly for stress muscular tension and nervousness. With gentle pressure, effleurage and stretching, the foot and leg massage for the most used parts of your body – your feet.
Treatment duration 40 min EUR 48,-

Neck & shoulder massage with thermo cushion

A neck massage stretches and relaxes your muscles in the shoulder-neck area. This is the best way to release every day tensions and energy blocks. You will feel free and relaxed after the rest phase with the soothing thermo cushion.
Treatment duration 40 min EUR 52,-

Hot roll & massage

The “hot roll” is a very efficient treatment to go before the massage for the back. The warmth of the water and the gentle pressure have a soothing and relaxing effect. The skin is tapped, dabbed, rolled and stroked lightly with a rolled-up, warm and damp towel. Very beneficial for severe tension. Offer your back this special treatment.
Treatment duration 40 min EUR 48,-

The rhythmical one

Pampered from head to toe with the rhythmical wellness massage. A very special massage: tapping, friction and stroking. Warm oil envelops your body – experience the perfection of vital relaxation.
Treatment duration 50 min EUR 68,-

Facial massage

Just take off this every-day life that is written in your face. Leave the world behind and refresh your radiance & energy at the same time. The face & head massage is just the right treatment for this and gives you a radiant smile.
Treatment duration 25 min EUR 32,-

BreusS massage

The Breus-Massage is a gentle and energetic treatment for the back, whereby the spine is the centre of attention. This massage will generally relax the back muscles, strengthen and relieve the intervertebral disks. The spine is gently expanded, stretched and treated with St. John´s wort oil. St. John´s wort oil acts anti-inflammatory and soothes pains.
Treatment duration 40 min EUR 65,-

For the boys and girls

For our young guests from 16 years we offer a pleasant back massage as an introduction with warmed fruity aromatic oil.
Treatment duration 25 min EUR 30,-

Individual Massage

Tension meets massage. You have tensed-up muscles and require more than just a massage? You will be massaged and your mainly tensed up muscles relaxed with a massage, just fitted around your requirements.
Time of Treatment 40 min EUR 52,-

The outstanding Kaysers’ Honey Oil Massage

Who doesn’t know the warm, sweet smell of honey? Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the special feeling. An agreeable and soothing body-wellness-massage with Tyrolean honey oil acts calming, balancing and generates a warm, soft feeling.
Time of Treatment 50 min EUR 67,-

Massage enjoyment for two

You will be massaged simultaneously in one room. Enjoy this private massage experience with
* Harmony from head to toe
* Aromatic oil massage
* Back to balance
* Soles & feet under gentle pressure
* Neck & shoulder massage with thermo cushion
* Hot roll & massage
* The rhythmical one
* Facial massage
* Dorn-Breuss massage

Reduction of treatment price per person EUR 2,-